SWFOpener 1.3

A simple video player for your SWF files with direct access to your SWF cache
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If you need a dedicated SWF video player, SWF Opener is probably one of the simplest software solutions out there. It will seamlessly play any Flash SWF video file stored on your computer, and will let you recover and play back any other SWF file cached by your system while browsing the Web.

This one-task tool offers you all the basic controls you need to play back SWF files with the size, scale mode, and background color of your choice. Its extremely simple interface comes with a toolbar and a status bar. The former includes all the buttons you would expect from any video player (play, forward, back, go to start, go to end, and pause) together with some useful scale mode controls – full screen, exact fit, no border, no scale, etc. The latter will merely show you the frame number that is being played back.

The only other functionality available in SWF Opener refers to your cached SWF video files. The program can list all the SWF files stored in your system’s cache, play them back for you, and save them in a different location if required. This will allow you to keep a copy of those SWF videos that are automatically downloaded and stored in your system while surfing the Net.

SWF Opener is, therefore, an extremely simple and free SWF player that you can easily use either with your mouse or with the hotkeys provided. Either way, the program will let you enjoy your Flash videos and provide you with a high-quality playback experience.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity of use
  • Allows you to recover SWF videos from your PC's cache


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